First things first: my favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, and once, I licked a tootsie roll pop all the way to the center without biting it (is that a relevant reference anymore?). I like to paint my nails colors like gray and taupe (if I get around to painting them at all) and have been working very hard to stop putting a second space between sentences when I type (old habits die hard).

I am someone who embraces average things.

And I also love words. They buzz around my mind throughout the days and keep me awake at night with their incessancy.  I started a different blog back in 2010 because I needed to put an order to all the words that were bumping around in my brain.

If you ask me, it’s a great tragedy of life when we keep the words inside (even when we believe we have nothing out of the ordinary to say).

My words, of course, are particularly ordinary. I am a mom of three kids under four, a wife of an extremely handsome resident doctor, and a person just trying to love people as God asks me to. All while I try to navigate how weirdly normal it is that the landscape of my life keeps changing.
DSC_0341 I’m finding, though, that there’s a certain beauty in the mundane–the way a toddler folds a towel or a newborn discovers his hands for the first time–and so this blog was born. A place for me to embrace the simplicity and do my best to choose to live each day well. That’s the best I can do, isn’t it? Wake up each day and live in the moments I’m given?
When I’m not writing or thinking about things to write about, you can find me reading, sitting on my front porch, or taking long walks with my kids in our jogging stroller (which will never, incidentally, be used for jogging). I like to play Settlers of Catan with my husband and watch Netflix (currently I’m hooked on Parks and Recreation). Oh, and I’m getting pretty good at French-braiding my hair. You gotta stay fresh when you’re a teacher turned stay-at-home mom, you know?