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Flinkman Family

I’m Molly. Wife to Jake and mom to Lily, Norah, Sawyer, and Judeour four kids who were born in just over six years. As if that wasn’t bananas enough, Jake’s day (and night) job is in the emergency room, so there are a lot of spinning plates and unpredictable hours over here in central Iowa.

We love this life. I mean this sincerely.

I’ve been writing on the internet for a long time (since 2008!), and in every season of my life, this practice has served as a means to help me process. What you will find here are all my thoughts about parenting and marriage and faith and life and, really, all the intersections in between. I hope the words I write here will point to the ways God continues to transform my thinking and my life through all the various situations and challenges we face as a family. I hope it will encourage you in some way.

So, please stick around. It’s people like you who make this writing life more fun. 

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Flinkman Family